Notas de actualización

August, 07

New New guides: Travis CI and Circle CI. Discover how you can trigger a Circle CI/Travis CI build when new translations ready (or other Crowdin events).

August, 06

New New apps: Netlify and Vercel. Install the app to automate more developers tasks. Select certain Crowdin events that would trigger Netlify/Vercel site build.

August, 04

New Crowdin GH Action 1.4.11

August, 03

New Unity plugin 0.1.6: with ability to download source strings.

August, 02

New Java API Client 1.3.20

August, 01

Crowdin Enterprise Custom code updates: You can use labels and edit files title.

Crowdin Enterprise New export option: Export strings that passed workflow. Strings that reached the End step will be included in the exported files.

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