Notas de actualización

January, 17

New Crowdin iOS SDK 1.1.8: fixed issues and created an example project. Run this project to test the integration process for the Crowdin SDK in action and test its functionality.

January, 14

New Marketo app: translate your emails, email templates, and files.

January, 11

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Sort projects by last activity.

January, 07

New Crowdin JavaScript client version 1.10.3.

January, 06

New Crowdin Java client version 1.3.3.

January, 05

New CLI 3.5.2. You can now add your credentials via .env file.

January, 02

New You can view a list of all your glossaries and select which ones should be translated, and specify the project for this. Use the Translate Glossary app to add this feature to your account or organization.

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