Notas de actualización

November, 19

New OTA JS Client 0.4.0

New CLI 3.7.2

New New app: Kentico Kontent. Install our new connector to easily sync and localize your content items from your Kontent by Kentico headless CMS.

New New app: Cosmic JS. Sync and localize content from your Cosmic's headless CMS with our new connector.

November, 18

New Localize your Zendesk dynamic content with Crowdin. Install Zendesk Guide application, sync and localize dynamic content, Knowledge Base articles, frequently asked questions, and more.

November, 17

New Add strings to several files simultaneously. For this, go to your project page > Content > Strings > Add string > at the right part of the window, choose files.

New New app: Shopify. Localize your Shopify content (blog posts, pages, and products) with Crowdin. Sync files for translation and download them back without leaving Shopify.

November, 09

New View the file path. For this, go to Editor > click the file’s name to display the Open File window > at the bottom of the window, you can find the full file path.

Crowdin Enterprise Add only selected custom languages to a project. Managers can choose to add or delete custom languages from project page > target languages.

November, 08

New Find when your project build started & ended at the List Project Builds and Check Project Build Status API responses.

November, 03

New Choose the fallback language when you run TM pre-translation via APIv2. Read more about pre-translation API method .

November, 02

New Crowdin GitHub Action 1.4.1

New Sketch plugin 2.5.0

New New apps: Mailgun and MailUp . Send multilingual emails with Crowdin. Upload email templates to Crowdin and sync translated versions back in a few clicks.

New New app: Help Scout. Localize your knowledge base and provide multilingual customer support with Help Scout + Crowdin. Quickly upload and translate source content. Then, easily download completed translations to Help Scout.

November, 01

New TM metadata: You can see who and when created or changed the record, how many times it was used, and more. For this, download the TM in the TMX format.

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