Notas de actualización

July, 24

Crowdin Enterprise You can now hide your crowdsourcing projects from the organization’s public page. Open your project > left panel > Crowdsource > click Publish or Unpublish.

July, 22

New You can now view QA issues from any view in the Editor, as we added them in the Comfortable view as well. Right below the translation field, you will be able to see the detected QA issues. Filter strings with all or specific QA issues.

New Custom file segmentation for XML, HTML, MD, or any other source files without a key-value structure. Read more about custom segmentation in Crowdin.

New Using the API 2.0 (beta) you can now remove all records from your TM with a new clear TM method.

New Edit context and max. length for strings in source files.

July, 17

New Beta feature: specify different target languages for different files within one project. To try out this beta feature in Crowdin – navigate to the Files tab > Settings > scroll down to the File target languages section.

July, 16

New Filter source strings with comments, issues, or screenshots. Navigate to the Strings tab in your Project Settings to apply this filter. You can now also sort strings by alphabet.

July, 14

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Mention users in the Editor's comment section faster. No need to type in the username, you can right-click on the user icon > Add a mention.

Crowdin Enterprise Improved Download a folder with translations in XLIFF. Previously, you could download all translations or specific files.

July, 10

New Select all files and folders in one click, when you create a task for translators. You can still select them one by one, but if there’s a lot of files or folders, this new checkbox should save you some time.

July, 08

New Introducing organization-level reports for admins and group managers. View the number of source words for your whole organization, the total cost for all translations into specific languages, the most active translators, and more.

New New version of CLI has been released (3.2.0)

July, 07

New You can now unify placeholders for iOS strings and Android XML files used within the same project. This way the same strings with platform-specific formatting for placeholders can be treated as duplicates. This won’t influence the exported files, it only influences the files within Crowdin. Enable Unify placeholders from the Project Settings.

July, 02

New TypeScript (.ts) files are now supported.

New Advanced filter in the Editor: you can now filter strings with/without screenshots, visible/hidden ones, and filter strings with specific QA issues in the Side-by-side view. Also, the filter now has a new design and more detailed options for filtering plural strings, so you can easily find strings that are missing translations in one of the plural forms.

July, 01

New Online editing for source files in .properties and RESX file formats. You can now add/edit/delete source strings for these files within Crowdin.

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