Localización contextual para aplicaciones web

Crowdin En el Contexto proporciona una superposición para su aplicación. Los traductores y correctores pueden trabajar directamente en la aplicación y vista previa instantánea de sus traducciones en el contexto original.

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Translation context = localization efficiency

Give translators an excellent work environment, and you'll get an efficient app localization in return.

  • No more context-related issues

  • Translations are completed much more quickly

  • Increased quality of localized content

See it in real time

Crowdin In-Context makes all of a Web application's text editable. Translators see exactly where the string they're working on belongs.

Translator gets all the helpful features of the editor: TM, machine translation, approve/vote option, comments, and glossary.

In-Context translations are available for dynamic dialogs and messages that appear in runtime. Clicking on the text that is formatted in the ICU Message syntax, translators will see all the necessary data to be translated.

In-Context localization is tied up with the actual project created in Crowdin. Your content is always up-to-date.

Instant translations preview, proofreading or improvement. Best way to check translations accuracy and length without building the app and with a possibility to fix issues on the fly.

How do I set it up?

  • No coding. No proxy.
    Technology independent.

  • A one-line Javascript snippet added to your website is all it takes to activate the feature.

  • Here's a helpful article on setting up Crowdin In-Context to share with your developer.

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